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If you're like most cryptocurrency enthusiasts, you probably hold value in multiple types of 'coins'. While Bitcoin introduced most of us to the world of cryptocurrencies, literally hundreds of other options quickly showed up on the scene, each with a different, new, and interesting promise of potential fortune and fame. With little rhyme or reason, new coins come and go, gain and lose value, and make people tons of money or steal their fortunes. Unfortunately, until fairly recently, you needed to run a separate program for each cryptocurrency you wanted to collect. Sure, you could keep your money on one of the online wallets, but that was dangerous and many users woke up one morning to find all or most of their hard earned funds gone and, in their place, a note explaining that "so sorry, we've been hacked and all your money is gone'.

Thankfully, the above situation was easily avoidable by simply running your wallet locally on your machine and not relying on the unknown security team of a website to protect you. Soon, wallets that allowed you to store multiple cryptocurrencies started to pop up but they were often cumbersome to use, looked horrible, and generally didn't function well at all. Sure, they'd get the job done, but they did so without elegance or pizazz and, for the most part, they weren't new user friendly. These were not wallets your grandmother could use.

But in 2015, a group of developers came together around an idea: why couldn't a multi-wallet be both functional and beautiful? Why did you have to compromise functionality for security? Why couldn't there be a snazzy looking wallet that grandma could learn to use? This was the start of the Exodus project.

As I'm sure you've guessed, Exodus is a multi-currency wallet that is simply gorgeous. It currently supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Dogecoin but new currencies are planned for future releases. They are on a regular release cycle with releases happening every few weeks and security being addressed in an "as it happens" model. Also, one of Exodus' strongest features in my opinion is its built-in ShapeShift integration. This allows you to trade one currency for another without ever leaving the wallet software. Want to buy some Dash using your Bitcoin? No problem, it's a process that takes less than a minute and is so streamlined it looks and feels a little like magic.

Lastly, let's talk about support. Where all wallets offer some level of support, most work through email, web forums, or IRC. Exodus maintains 10 different Slack channels where the core developers themselves often hang out, answer support questions, and interact with the community. Got a problem that requires digging a little deeper than online text chat allows? Several developers make their telephone numbers available so you can call them to discuss your issues. How innovative and different is that?

I've been using Exodus for a little over two weeks now and, honestly, I've found my home. It's a simple to use wallet that doesn't get in my way or require a lot of work to get up and running. It's something I'd be comfortable setting up for my mother and it's easy enough to walk someone through setting it up during a telephone call. If the Exodus project continues to develop the software at the rate they are now, I could easily see them becoming the dominant wallet for new cryptocurrecy users quickly.

I encourage you to give Exodus a spin when you have time and let me know in the comments of this post what you think. While I have no connection to the project or its developers, I'm interested in seeing what the pain points people might identify with the software are. Give it a try, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Here is an interview with the Exodus co-founder, Daniel Castagnoli

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You should get in touch with the devs and suggest it! They are totally open to new currencies! I wouldn't mind seeing STEEM support but I don't know that the exchange would support it.

i live this wallet is looks so clean an nice jus make u want to keep putting more n more n there

get steem and bts in roadmap ;)

Thanks for the review @papillion - we are grateful to have you as a member of the community! Glad your enjoying Exodus. Be sure to stay in touch and do reach out if you need anything. -Daniel


I have written on you guys a few times now on here and recommend your stuff to many people and all over social media. You are good to deal with!

This wallet looks awesome, thx for sharing !

I have been using Exodus for awhile now and find it. Easy to use. It is nice to have a wallet that holds multiple cryptocurrencies. Sure hope they are working on mobile apps.

I was using my Exodus wallet and though that when I sent the Wallet funds from poloniex the error was on poloniex's end but after learning that one of the updates wasn't current on my wallet I made the update and the missing balances showed up and became available.

IMHO they are the best wallet with good updates. But it would be nice to see them add STEEMIT soon :)

Feel happy to see your post. Thank you for your knowledge and information.