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in #bitcoin5 years ago

METIZER is supposed to be a cloud mining program (or rather pseudo-mining) that allow to mine crypto currencies starting for free with 100 free Ghs. The administrator has made it big running in a dedicated server.. Dont think so. METIZER offers way too much for what it is actually. Big payouts, simultaneously mining, big referral programs and other crazy stuff for a typical HYIP scheme. I'll tell u what. Metizer is not a mining site. Its a HYIP site disguised as a mining site. Since HYIP have a limited half life it is best to just buy outright the coins u want to mine & offcourse try it for free.
Metizer is allready down for some people and for some others its not, yet. Anyone who deposited crypto within the last 24 hours have not been credited on and there are many testimonials in many forums. I think they are planning on the big escape pretty soon!. Beware and stay away.

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