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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Mid-Day Update: A New Fractal Could be in Progress

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As long as bitcoin is rising, none of the alt-coins will fall big numbers. Sell now an buy a few days later is absolutely back to front imo.
Not saying you're full wrong, but I think it's the wrong timeframe.

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I think this guy is another spammer. He made this exact same comment on the last BTC update. We keep knocking them down but they just keep coming. At least the whole asiahajranajma/salahuddin2004 thing seems to be over. A lot of us made a big stink about that on salahuddin2004's blog in the last few weeks. Maybe it's time to do the same here.

I used to write meaningful blog posts but it's not so funny if nobody reads it. Steemit is pretty tough for newcomers and I'm trying various ways to get some followers :-)

Please don’t.
Because you’re not going to get followers in this way. You’ll only lose your rep.

What would you recommend?

There is a feature called "Promote"
Try that first. Then, get creative. This is spamming.

No worries, I've stopped, thanks for your recommendation :-)

Haejin said “do not advertise your blog here. Will get downvoted.”

But I asked you something else...never mind, have a nice day.

I think BTC won't reach 20k this year...the price of BTC will fluctuate around 10k, I guess.

Maybe around 12k, it's difficult to estimate. But the point is, the price will not grow but fluctuate.

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