Now Is A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

Bitcoin Price Level is Close to Very Strong Support Line that Started on 7 October 2010 when Bitcoin Began its First Rally from 6 cts to 39cts.

bitcoin 2018.06.12.png

I left out the "Sirius - Pizza" Line, as I saw it was based on wrong calculations and the corrected 'line' does not seem to be of any relevance.

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As i always say @pagandance only people with strong hands will be succesful in this market and as you say now it's the perfect momento to buy bitcoin and get a 3x on december. Regards

well many are hopeless now even i am feeling down with the prices hopefully we will see some green


It can easily fall some 500 deeper = cheaper and more coinies to load the boat :-)