Bitcoin: The ULTIMATE Long Term Analysis Chart @ Bitcoin Pizza Day :-)

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Told you yesterday more surprises were coming today.

Look at this chart and BE AMAZED !


There is so much to tell about this phenomenal chart,
that I will keep the in depth analysis for coming posts.

Meanwhile, enjoy the view :-)

2018.05.23 black.png

how it would look on 'bitcoinwisdom' charts, most important data missing

BTW it seems to Be Bitcoin Pizza Day Today ! Can't Be Coincidence! :-)


Nice pizza from 0.0008 € to 8.000 € oh so lucky lol

Indeed !

Steem will be comparable

What would be bitcoin price in upcoming months , any guess sir ?

you should not think "what will it be in the next months"? but what should it be in the next weeks and what should it be in a year or 2 or 3 from now. Just look at the chart. Past it in paint and extrapolate what you see. Let your jaw drop :-P

Thanks for the information. Waiting for your next post. I am counting on you man.☺

you will not be dissapointed

you gave alwayes informative post... another good post.... thanks for share dear.....

its a great news fr evrybody becoz bitcoin analysis chart would be more helpful...... Just wait fr the coming post sir @pagandance.. ☺

me too :-)

enjoy the day with the pizza just to embrace the value of those btc lol :D

I had my pizza today LOL

awesome review @pagandance
Thanks for sharing

glad you like it

wow this is getting more interesting

Thanks for that and it seems quite good for now hope it stays this trend and we get to see a nice move all along.

Either Bitcoin falls through its historical ascending support line that started the last day it was at 6 cents in 2010 or else go straigt to 1M within 2 years. If scenario 2, then Bitcoin will never again be as cheap as it was in the coming weeks, because we'll know it for sure by August. Time to load the boat.

what should be the "bounce zone"

29 May should be last opportunity Bitcoin could touch 5K, but it better start diving soon then. 6k-6.5K seems more realistic within the next 2 months. That is where you should put your Precious Pearl at the Bottom of the Holy Grail :-)

The most likely future will be to find a support in 15K and from there will be the option of 20K and more. Regards

Like your post , but how this post gets many upvotes, haha

awesome chart @pagandance
I hope this keep a good role on economy..
Thanks a lot

After Bitcoin price was rejected earlier this week at the $8,500 region it has continued to fall straight through major zones of $8,340 and previously closed below $7,870. I believe we will see a further push to the downside, potentially falling to the $6,500 region

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 7.31.13 pm.png

Bitcoin is the recent phenomenon of the society,,It is as like as share exchange,,
Nice chart @pagandance

Nice review on BTC !!!!
That's awesome chart,,I think it will increase and touch the 19 k again

that's pretty cool to know.....

Good content @pagandance..
Chart may show all report..It is real money ..

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Economically it will be boost to everyone definitely the btc worth become more in future days so time and trade is ready to jump forward good information you share here nice deluxe

this is great time for trading with btc, few days later btc price will go high

It is very clear and many don’t see it. We are headed lower.