Bitcoin Report 2018.07.06 - Bitcoin back to 6K or will it stay above the 1 April Low?

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Last chance to do so is 8 July, 0 PM European Time:

Hourly Logarithmic

2018.07.06 1h.png

The 1 April Low seems to act as support/resistance line and will cross the basic supporting trendline on 25 July, 0 PM European Time.

Daily Logarithmic

2018.07.06 1d.png

We can also notice that the current ascending resistance/support(?) line will hit the 20 February and 5 March Double Top around 11750 on 1 September.

Weekly Logarithmic

2018.07.06 1w.png

The 20K level seems possible by the end of October.


@pagandance great analysis sir but i think before it will hit again @20K #BITCOIN will go down once again around @6K or less, what do you think about this according to your analysis

Thanks for sharing sir @pagandance.
Best of luck.

I think BTC will go very soon and show good results in cryptocurrency.
Best of luck @pagandance

nice info.thanks for share.its essential

This is gonna go down and that too badly

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