The revolution may have started, but the wide effects are yet to be fully seen. What makes Orionix different from the majority?

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With more than 100 new ICO projects entering the market every month and more than 1500 active cryptocurrencies circulating currently, the crypto world has become a rather inconsistent and uncertain environment for many investors. The rate with which new cryptos emerge has caused a great level of complexity due to the unfamiliarity of the general public with all their features and purposes. So the big question that’s probably on everyone’s mind is what makes Orionix distinct? What makes ORX different from other major altcoins such as Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin?

The difference between cryptocurrencies lies in their foundations. In fact, most of the time the key to analyzing those projects resides in picturing the possible applications of the tool created, as currency is a tool. The concept behind any project could be compared to a fuel and whether it is capable or not of propelling a rocket to the moon. Concepts and ideas are not only the fuel, they are also the content of that rocket. What will you land on the moon with? If your only fuel is thin air, then you might lack oxygen real quick. Orionix's fuel delivers power by its diverse applications and numerous market possibilities because of the unique ideas and concepts the foundation has created. To see how that makes us different from other altcoins, there is a need to look into a few popular ones illustrated below. Pay close attention to the “Purpose” section describing these coins


Let's investigate the logic of ideas supporting these coins.

Basic Attention Coin - “Seeks to improve the efficiency of digital advertising via a token exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users.”

In this case, readers might ask themselves what is the current status of publishers, advertisers and users. Is the marketing system enforced onto the public via the known monopolists fair? Was it necessary to create a currency to offer this alternative? Currency creation restores liberties. To know  how much can be done with this new found liberty there are a few a simple questions to ask. Can it compete? Is it fair? How far can the ideas reach?

Augur - “Decentralized prediction markets – allowing users to forecast events and be rewarded for correct predictions.”

In such a project, the goal is to create a speculation multi-tool within a tool used mainly for speculation. It is left to users to determine the reach and use. 

OmiseGo - “An open payments platform and decentralized exchange. Plans to provide decentralized banking services in developing countries.”

Remove the “decentralized” word and you're left with the raw reality. In the long-term many existing payment methods will vanish. Which one will remain? Is this only a Highlander scenario or are there other intricate implications? One thing is certain, from the present multiplicity of such tokens, only a few will survive.

Civic - “A decentralized identity platform, giving users the tools to control and protect identities.”

Out of them all, this type of project is the furthest away from the blockchain principles. Centralization of identification disguised behind decentralization. Ask yourself, who profits from KYC? Ease-of-use sold at a very steep price paid collectively. 

A lot more could be said on crypto projects overall, but this article aims to compare Orionix with its actual competition. Let's take a look at the project's presentation.

What tale do these numbers tell? It's cheap with a relatively low currency cap. This indicates Orionix's intention of starting from scratch while maintaining a capacity to easily increase in value. The limited supply of tokens comes in contrast with the multi-forked array of digital assets to which the token and platform can apply. Those are numbers, choices and settings decided by a team and they can be easily interpreted many ways. However, the core concepts and ideas behind Orionix are just as crystal clear.   - “P2P platform for the exchange of digital gaming assets. Your time, your value.” Some might say that it is possible to create such a platform without creating a dedicated currency. The answer to this lies in the root of currency itself. Independence. It's the freedom to use a tool in the ways the creators of the tool have decided. Time will always define the true value of everything. Players use their personal time and resources and in the extrapolation of that priceless value, there exists endless gain. 

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