Macro economic elements linked to the Orionix concept

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Something  that the contemporary generation has come to realize is that we’re all  living in a historic time where each individual takes part in what’s to  come in the future world of technology and innovation. As such  conventions become more and more consolidated, it is our role at Orionix  to educate our audience on every aspect that could be involved in the  company performance and image.

Therefore,  in an attempt to accomplish this, this article seeks to outline the  basics of the micro and macro environmental components affecting ORX  directly or indirectly.

What we’ve all seen since the major financial crisis of 2008 is a growth of  the economy in a tremendous and rapid fashion. Job numbers have kept on  increasing, unemployment is set to be at record lows, inflation has been  held under control by central banks. All of these have led to very  strong personal consumption expenditures and fostered market demand to  the highest stage it has ever been at.

A  remarkable “misinterpretation” that often occurs within the bitcoin and  crypto markets, however, is that they’re sometimes believed to be a  “safe haven” or a “hedge fund”. We at Orionix believe that this isn’t  the case as Bitcoin and other cryptos have soared simultaneously to the  other markets. To more clearly illustrate this, here is a chart of SP500  and the Nasdaq index funds, both of which represent the condition of  the US economy, compared to the Btc chart:

What  it manifests to us is a clear correlation between the 3 which is  reflected in the trends. Hence, the picture we can draw from this is  that increased market growth, stronger economy and boosted financial  indicators actually result in a heightened interest for cryptos as households and businesses have more disposable income they’re willing to  invest.

Considering  the occurrence of such a phenomenon, we can conclude that what has been  going on with the economic situation in recent years has proved to have  positive outcomes. This could very well continue to be the case with  Orionix as it will not only join the trend but contribute to its  strengths by offering a practical solution to everyone involved in the  digital currencies and gaming industries

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