Adapting to change and the difficulties it presents – what is Orionix’s plan to adapt?

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Change is a process we all go through, yet we are also reluctant to  accept it. Cryptocurrency has been around for quite a number of years  and even though it has gained popularity, the concept is still far from  the grasp of the majority. How long was the internet of things looked  down upon? A generation grew up hearing phrases like “why are you  wasting your time on that!”

Today,  who would say that the internet hasn’t created a worldwide revolution?  Change is hard, adapting is hard and yet some changes require us to  adapt instead of fighting them. The Blockchain is one of them and  fighting that change will only cause lost opportunities.  

Understanding  change is what allowed the first Bitcoin enthusiasts to gain millions  out of a small investment. Of course since then, many have lost money in  shady projects. Cryptocurrency is a wave and proportionally to people  still employing cash around the world, the size of that wave has only  started growing. The reality behind that statement is that it is still  time for many investors to be like those first Bitcoin enthusiasts. The  sea might seem like a dangerous place, but most of that fear is  generated in our own minds. Small controlled investments prevent dire  losses, maintaining one’s head above the waters while permitting to  explore opportunities that will one day offer incredible returns.  

This  logic applied to many startup companies in the internet boom era.  Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and the list goes on — all  these started with an idea that bloomed for all to see. Those who seized  those investments gained greatly, because they saw the potential of  that idea. That is exactly how and why Orionix is geared for  adaptability while always keeping the future in mind — by taking ahold  of innovative ideas and making them flourish no matter what. Most  investors never had the chance to properly invest in those companies,  but with cryptocurrency, everyone can invest in tomorrow’s big names.    

At first, our team had long debates as some of  our analysts were poorly depicting the overall IEO trend. However, we  understood we had to adapt to the current coin offering system and that  buyers felt more at ease going through these processes. This caused us  to revise our strategy in order to keep pushing forward the Orionix  project.  

From  here, we will move on ground breaking marketing approaches and keep  reaching out to potential partners to climb the crypto ladder with. We  will not be satisfied until all major exchanges are listing ORX for your  gain, theirs and ours. Together, we started this project, together we  will pursue it.  

While  we have faith in our idea, we acknowledge the fact that there will be  challenges ahead as it is the case with any venture. Accepting this  important truth doesn’t prevent us from stumbling along the way, but as  we know there will be stumbling rocks we stand ready to face them while  finding solutions to take those obstacles down. As John Lennon said,  “There are no problems, only solutions”. This is a profound quote that  we should all inspire ourselves with daily. To any problem we will  figure out a solution and to stay true to this motto, we will push our  limits and grow to provide everyone with the full potential of our  project. Not only for our team, but for all those who believe in us and  who deserve to grow financially alongside Orionix. We cannot thank you  enough, that is why we will show our gratitude through our work and  perseverance. 

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