Bitcoin Rat Art Takes Over Wallstreet - Depiction of Broken Financial System

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Ten years forward after our financial crisis of 2008, a New York artist Nelson Saiers has graced us with his latest artwork which has been displayed on the street from the New York Federal Reserve building in the financial district.

The latest work is none other then a giant sized and intimidating-looking inflatable rat which is also covered in Bitcoin code.(seen below)


Saiers is a former Wall Street hedge fund manager and mathematician. He currently dedicates a majority of his time these days at his loft where he continues to produce art & visuals depicting the broken financial system.

A different angle of the Rat Art in New York

Saier had a great quote on his latest work:

"About ten years ago, while TARP was bailing out the economy, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote this code along with the words; ‘03 Jan 2009 The Times, Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,’ referencing the equivalent in England — Satoshi seemed pretty opposed to centralization and said it was doomed in the end. I wanted to be true to his views and reflect this in the artwork."

-- originate


Nice artwork!

Satoshi seemed pretty opposed to centralization and said it was doomed in the end.

That’s one centralized system doesn’t want to hear, but right before our very eyes, things are fast unfolding.

you see it too. its more and more obvious. in the past it seemed like people always say things are going to get bad but nothing ever seems to happen but now i truly believe things are happening. I see things that never happened before happening and its everywhere. even government reps bringing things up in hearings i never thought they would ever say. its crazy. just be prepared

This is awesome. I'm sure another recession is coming so he's about to be truly inspired.

absolutely coming. Every article, hearing, every convention, congress, senate hearing and world forum etc...they are say mid 2019-2020 we will hit the cliff and no one believes it can be stopped. sucks but the old system caused it and will conotinue to cause these to make themselves richer until we stop them and make the change. stand strong

Wow is very very wonderful I like it

Saier had a great quote on his latest work:


If the purpose of cryptocurrency is to have currency that you own within a decentralized system then it isn't the value of that currency but the commitment to decentralization itself.

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