If the senate talks about HODL we know we're good

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Yesterday at about 2:00 am I was about to hit the sack not before refeshing youtube and saw Doug polk posting a live commentry on the senate hearing. It was amazing to see the senate talks about bitcoin, ethereum, ICOs, hodling with a possitve additude. It seems the US goverment is finally accepeting the fact that crypto currenncies is here to stay. This was the reason for the double digit price increase today all the way to 8200$ for btc and and other cryptos accordingly. While they also expressed worries about the unregulated ICOs condition and the need for it , this is not a bad thing and I think this is more than another news pump but rather a return of faith for crypto by the people - A faith that felt lost in the last few weeks.


Get ready people, we are going to see a lot of things (good and bad) happen here in 2018.
Started on the right foot with the senate claiming to be on our side, for the most part.
HODL on tight and enjoy the ride to the moon everyone :)

Yes now crypto currencies are growing and i hope soon we will see big jup to high



Cryptocurrency is here to stay

am really glad that we had a quite a positive feedback , though i didn't here anywhere they mentioned it's a decentralized ledger

Nice feedback

While I agree, I think we're going to have to wait and see what the US actually does in terms of regulations. Words are cheap ... they can say whatever they want now, but when push comes to shove let's see what really happens.

The long term log support channel I've mentioned. We've wicked up into it again on the daily, this is super bullish. Highest green daily trading volume since late 2015 on $BTC.

If we continue to hold this channel we're back baby.

Thanks to CTFC's & SEC's chairpersons the market got stable & now started the air borne ,I am hopeful that the London Crypto Currency show coming April will also gives some positive signs.

This post is a boost of faith on crytocurrency world, i really love it.
I did some write up days ago concerning the need to look beyond the bloodbath and hodl. Many countries will definitely realise the indispensable nature of crytocurrency and they will found themselves out of option than to welcome it. Thank you for the post,, resteemed already..

the road has ups and downs, as everything in this world critics have to go through that process, but the inevitable can not be changed and the inevitable thing is that they arrived and it is to stay

I take them questioning ICO's as completely positive. As it is most good ICO's don't allow American's to invest. I am taking this as maybe, just maybe we (American's) will be able to take part in good ICO's in the future if a set of guidelines gets made.

תעשה דאווןווט לספאמר בתגובות, בוא נעיף את התגובה הזו מפה
(התגובה של masterwali)

חוץ מזה - אכן, השימוע הזה בסנאט מעודד למדי :)

They finally understand, "if you cant beat em', join em'"

Thank you!! I feel exactly the same way! I recently wrote my story being tricked by FUD.

We're still so much in the Early Adoption Phase that all this FUD is created by people who do not know what they're talking about!

Thanks for the perspective!

@oren730 - I agree I believe 2018 will be a very Volatile year for cryptocurrency

Doesn't even know how it works but hoping to jump in soon as I understood how it's operated

April will be a turning point either good or bad. But we cannot stop water flowing... Bitcoin dream will go on ...

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

You need to improve your spelling. Regulating crypto is like centralization.

This is Great News!!! weed out the scam coins and bullish on the the established! Long live crypto!

Follow,upvote,resteem...thanks and peace be upon the upvoters

Las criptomonedas son el futuro, y el futuro es hoy! no le teman al futuro amigos! buen post.

Doug Polk is one of the good guys. Ive been subscribed to him on Youtube for a long time. Winners win and Dougs a winner.

Cyrpto currency is here to stay...

Cyrpto currency is here to stay

With this opinion the crypts are strengthened a bit

My impression of some of the guys testifying is that they don't completely understand the implications of what's going on between crypto currency and blockchain. On a base level, they don't demonstrate an understanding of blockchain from a technical standpoint, so it makes me wonder how they can have a valid opinion or conversation about what should be done with it, especially within the context of crypto currency. In this sense, the true intellectual breadth of the conversation they're having is very limited, and I might even say it's a pretend conversation to make it "seem" like they're taking it into serious consideration.

Why does it matter that there are many different currencies competing for growth? Because this is the status quo they're protecting. I call them traditional status quo fiat dollar worshippers. Crypto has taken on such a life that they can't dismiss it out of hand. They have to at the very least "pretend" to be giving it fair consideration. They have to pretend that they're doing "business as usual" so as not to infuse a panic in the public, and for that matter, the traditional economic market. When the overall market cap of crypto is in the trillions, especially multiple trillions, they will up their game trying to slow it down.

When hearing them talk about "HODL," I am taken back by how truly clueless they seem. It's as if they're these powerful men trying to sound credible about something they hardly yet understand. I didn't see it as "embracing" the culture as much as giving me a blatant "tell" that they're very flustered by this "new complicated thing." These guys hold the fate of crypto in their hands and they seem for all practical purposes "crypto illiterate."

I enjoyed listening your take on the topic of crypto at this hearing.

Fix that FOAM on your WALL! LOL.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


Continuing briefly, I agree that Giancarlo seems to get it. That is all.

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비트 코인이 올라갈거야.
나는 틀림 없다.

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Now it's over we are heading towards Mars not only Moon :)

Crypto is future, government are lazy to understand reality. :)

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