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in bitcoin •  2 years ago

After having been involved with crypto for a while now, it's crazy how agonizing it feels to have to stand in line for over 10 mins just to get a cashier's check for my rent (rent which was paid for by our Chinese miner friends who air dropped Bitcoin Cash to everybody on the first, pointless to say thank you but i will)

thank you Chinese miners!

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guess cryptocurrency is getting more efficient than banks these days

What's crazy about banks are overdraft fees! When I was younger unfortunately those days. I only use the bank for my business but everything else is crypto or cash.


yea I was talking to my pops about it earlier. they eat you alive in fees, and they plunder the less fortunate the most!!! I hate the bankers!


I so agree!
Wishing you a lovely evening and a good nights rest ⭐️

Yeah I know its ridiculous.

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