✨🚀✨ BCC (Bitcoin Cash) NOW LIVE ON @bittrex✨🚀✨

in bitcoin •  last year


Sell before you read this so I get a higher price of course... right now @ $200 USD or 0.08 BTC per BCC token!!!

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I got free post segwit BTC today thanks im hella amped!!! glad I hawked the markets today!!

And here you go!
I hope you like it!
Here's the direct link to your banner:
Have a lovely evening :)


thanks @artedellavita!!! looks great!

you are a great Trader buddy

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Planning on holding BCC?


nope already sold it all @ .08BTC soon as I posted, bought back @ around .067 about an hr later, then sold again @ .013 right before the steemit meetup in boston today.

missed the run up to .02 unfortunately

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