Cryptosolutions: The next big SCAM? SITE OFFLINE! (DEFINITELY SCAMMED!)

in bitcoin •  last year

There were signs that Cryptosulitions is not paying out anymore.

As of today the seem completely offline. Did they run away with all the money? Than that would be the next big scam after Ambis, Thunderbit, Bitlake, ...


New SCAMS will come soon: My next guess is BitcoinXL and Cointower. And look at Aurum-Bank: They are more or less the same as Cryptosolutions. Would not risk it.

The only HYIPs that "worked" so far are Laser.Online, Bitconnect and Control Finance.

For now I will stop investing in HYIPs. It seems like its the Summer of Scams ;). Not a good time for scamriding...

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