HYIP Scamreport November 2017

in bitcoin •  last year

Laser.Online does not pay out atm (due to blockchainproblems - at least thats what they say). Still they are very active and try to explain their situation, which is a good sign. They also started their "Coin" (1 coin per 5 dollar - quite expensive). We will see what happens. But atm I can not recommend to get in!

So L.O. is in HOLD. Do not invest atm!

There are so many Lendingplatforms popping out at the moment. One catched my eye: SFI-Coin: This one will have its ICO on November 26th at 0.10 dollar (last round: 90 cents, meaning: at least 9x). Professional website. I tried it and got massive spillovers from my upline without doing anything (over 2000). This could be huge (but also a BIG scam). At the moment: Massive membergain, massive hype. This vould be the ICO or the Fail of the year. I throw some bucks in it (VERY VERY HIGH RISK).

Bitserial had its launch on Coinexchange and Etherdelta. Went up to around 6 dollars and is now coming down. Reason is, that the lending platform is not in place as promised. I would not recommend to buy in at the moment. Could be a SCAM.

Next ICOs to hit the exchanges: DAVOR, ETHCONNECT, GOLDREWARD. December will be HOT!

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