Optitoken Insider: OptiX algorithmic trading engine is completed and ready to launch

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OptiX is finished according to roadmap 

We are glad to announce that our devs have completed OptiX, our algorithmic trading engine. It includes a complete user interface that allows our professional traders and analysts to manually fine tune its functionality according to the market's situation.
The generated profits will be reinvested into Opti markets to create buy pressure and increase the demand. Tokens bought back will be made unspendable, effectively reducing supply. Our first buyback created a 400% spike in price.
Tests are being carried out before using the full portfolio. In the meantime, it is already connected with the Bitfinex API to create a fully scaled and easily manageable trading engine. The whole portfolio will be traded using OptiX in the coming weeks. 

Market situation 

Optitoken has been listed on BTC-Alpha for roughly one and a half months. In this time it has been able to sustainably increase its value by about 295%, based on the pre-ICO price of 0.09$.While for most ICO tokens, after an initial boost, there is a rapid drop in value and volume, the situation is different with OptiToken, because we can observe a continuous increase of value and volume. 

This is partly due to the nature of the concept (HDMS) and use case of $OPTI, and partly on the demand it has generated after being top gainer on CoinMarketCap for several days. New buyers who missed the ICO and are now aware of the concept and are buying on the market. considering it undervalued. 

Hyper Deflationary Monetary Systems  

Optitoken marks the creation of the first HDMS token, a new way to apply monetary theory to cryptocurrency for the benefit of holders. According to Bitcoinist: "2018 has brought with it a new class of coins gathering steam for their abilities to buck the trend in bear cycles. HDMS which stands for a “Hyper Deflationary Monetary System” are cryptocurrencies with built-in mechanisms to support a steady or rapid rise in real buying power. While some cryptocurrencies have a goal of privacy, high speed, low fees or ease of use, HDMS’s have a goal of implementing operations or protocols to create scarcity or to create upward pressure on its value relative to fiat or crypto counterparts." 

Future Exchange Listings 

The team is working towards a second exchange listing. Thanks to Opti's amazing performance, we have several options on the table, but are considering expansion into Asian markets. We will keep things updated through our Telegram channel. 

You can learn more about the project here at https://OptiToken.io and on 

Telegram https://t.me/optitoken 

Twitter https://twitter.com/optitoken  

Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/OptiToken/ 


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