Money Club is a scam

in bitcoin •  10 months ago  (edited)

Money club sites seem to have found a bunch of suckers lately.

The site promises $0.10 to veiw an ad, and uses the 1000 ads a day as an example to earn $100/day. They also want you to refer 40 people. It will show an account balance at of around $400 to be paid out.. all you have to do is send the equivalent of $10 USD in BTC as a processing fee... Sound familiar? Nigerian 419 scam only participants didn't win the lotto, they found an "easy job". Once they get the BTC they will say error processing or something.

Money club sends people to local bitcoins to buy BTC, some of them can't figure it out, so they got the lbc forums for help. Multiple people will tell them it's a scam, bit they still want to waste their money.

LBC knows some of the moneyclub wallets and will suspend a user account that attempts to send to one. You'll have to contact support. Not sure how that goes but they probably warn you it's a scam, and unlock the account.

It's a scam. And sites the look similar are also a scam.

If you suckered 40 friends into it, apologize and tell them not to send $10

Some of their BitCoin wallets are known, and they've scammed thousands of BTC (usd $millions)image

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