Bitcoin Cash VS Segwit

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With 2x not happening BCH has become more important

Bitcoin Mempool 40MB+

Bitcoin Mining fees mostly over 400 Sat/byte and some at 800 sat/byte

BCH almost 6 exahash/sec

BTC around 5 exahash/sec

The streams have crossed

Bitcoin price dropping $6100 right now. (coinmarket cap)

BCH price climbing $2400 right now (coinmarket cap)

Price might cross in a few days or weeks

next up will be total proof of work

this will take weeks or months.

Segwit Bitcoin is in a negative feedback loop

Miners are moving to BCH, Segwit blocks will slowdown, and fill up causing higher fees, causing more people to leave segwit, dropping the price, causing the miners to leave.

some die-hard segwit supporters will stay with segwit coin. but block times could double (or better or worse) short term. this will cause the difficulty adjustment to take a month instead of 2 weeks.

difficult to have this happen on a weekend. I've been trading p2p with people I meet in person, and lately most of them have been asking for bitcoin cash, most of them also want to buy mining equipment from bitmain.

I keep myself diversified, mainly with BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, XMR, and a little ZEC, STEEM, KMD, SC, Doge, grid, and a small amount of eth tokens not worth mentioning.

also looks like ether classic has jumped a bit.

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image in current condition Bitcoin difficulty adjustment is 22 days away