[#Cryptocurrency] #1 My beginnings part 1. – Bitcoin and my first transaction!

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Hello! :-)

I work in IT and all the news in this subject always interested me. In addition, I also have the knowledge and experience in the topic of finance.

Bitcoin - it started in 2012

As soon as I heard about Bitcoin I immediately became interested in him. It was at the end of 2012.

There were times when Bitcoin could be mined on a regular PC.

I did not buy BTC - I just mined it on the computer and collected from various sites that gave it for free.

After a few months I got some BTC and I forgot about them.

When the course began to grow rapidly I decided to return to the topic and see how much my small savings are worth.

It turned out that their value has increased x 10 (Ten X) WOW.

So I started looking for what I could buy for my BTC.

My first Bitcoin purchases in 2013


It has happened that one of the companies offering the domain started accepting BTC for their services.

So I paid for them by paying my Bitcoins. It was at the end of November 2013.

Since then I have been in contact with Bitcoins once more often but rarely today :-)

In the next part I will describe one of the mistakes I made at the time of Bitcoin.

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Jacek K.

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