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Bitcoin Cash On August 05, 2017

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) had a price of 213.15 USD and
it's market cap capital was 3,513,302,001 USD.

Bitcoin Cash On November 10, 2017

Bitcoin Cash price was 773.43 USD and
It's market capital was 12,974,352,789 USD.

Bitcoin Cash On November 12, 2017

The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) dramatically rose to 2477.65 USD and
the market capital rose to 41,606,990,626 at 5:54 UTC.

So What Is the Rank of Bitcoin Cash According to Price

It overtakes Ethereum and takes the 2nd place and becomes the second largest Cryptocurrency.





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If your'e curious about the lightning network in the midst of BCH rising here is everything you need.

my first comment on your post, captain :D

haha ... thank you for the comment... 😊

Welcome! I'm so glad that You are also in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash out of the correction and continues to grow, I also bought coins and now waiting for arrived. Slowly move up to 4,589$. Good Luck To You!

Good luck to you too..😊