How many times has BTC already died? Bitcoin times 300

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die btc.png

Repeated headlines about the death of Bitcoin ...

  • Bitcoin will not be the currency of the future,
  • Bitcoin is a speculative bubble,
  • Market crash, bitcoin end,
  • Bitcoin lost again,
  • Bitcoin actually dies,
  • Bitcoin is actually doomed to death,
  • Crashing on bitcoin, it's not the end of the correction,
  • They destroyed it and left it to die ;D - but seriously look here :

Cementery of Bitcoin

And yet ! all the time Bitcoin arises from the dead ...

The following images from down, will help you to realize that the moment of bigger falls and temporary bearings were a harbinger of something new ...


Until BTC entered the last known ATH (All the high) of $ 20,000 per one and there were memorable situations with South Korea and India in the lead


You already know the rest of history ...

  • What the future will give us ?

    • One must be sure, reconciliation - accepting the past and being open to the future

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This time is different... Big boys are in a game!