Facebook vs. Steemit or Steemit vs Facebook - another look?

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Enough ... it turned out that Facebook wants my picture, is this the end of my adventure on facebook?

If i will send others (calmly, they certainly already know how I look),I will go to facebook "prison", although the account I'm leading form 6 years. In this prison, I can spend a lifetime because I'm just ordinary man like you and you.

The times of anonymity on Facebook have ended, which is the height of hypocrisy, taking into account the latest Facebook scandal on data leakage.Wanting to open an additional anonymous account on Facebook, without friends, they demanded photos every time.By sending a photo from the darkest parts of the Internet, Facebook soon blocked the accountHow do they do it? I dont even want to know ...


  • On facebook all the time they demand to discover privacy, provide them with constant information about who you are. They wants to get your phone number and other personal data all the time.

  • In Steemit this is not so, no one wants to know where you live, what is your number of friends, no one "pushes" you more friends, because only your texts matter.

  • On facebook you have to give your real name and surname, pseudonyms have ended when you were 13 years old

  • In Steemit, you dont need to use your real name, you arent forced to reveal your true identity. That was the beginning of the Internet, and Steemit continues this tradition.

  • On Facebook, guidelines and rigid rules are set all the time, you have to be the same as others. If you do it differently, the "big brother", not the users, will lock you in "prison" with one button.

  • In Steemit counts the community that rewards or ban non-standard people. It's a community that arguments and counter arguments can limit your visibility or make up it.

  • Facebook is the world with advertising rules. Every time you see content from people who offers bad text, but the used money to get on your board. They collect personal data all the time, and then sell it to other people.

  • Steemit is a world without ads, where you can choose what you want to watch.

  • On Facebook, I feel the overwhelming feeling of being the hub of the world and being spoiled with new features that I really dont need.

  • In Steemit, users express their opinions, indicate gaps, suggest alternative ideas and suggest solutions to problems that appear in Steemit. There is an aspect of self-governance on Steemit that we dont see on Facebook.

głosowanie steemit.png

Because there is a component of consciousness in Steemit that which doesnt exist on Facebook. Thanks to Steemit, I learn new things. I know that all my voice is worth something, it's not just empty "lajkowanie".

At the end I want to pacify greedy attempts. If someone expects that they will quickly earn a decent amount of money for Steemit, he is wrong. Obtaining a large number of votes and "followers" in Steemit is a long and arduous process that I'm beginning to experience, but many people dont understand it. I dont intend to flatten this reality. I'm bloging, because I love to share this what I'm interesting and I see good quality in it. I write and create things, because It's all me ;]


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Great post. I made an anonymous facebook to stay in touch with a hand full of people and some how Facebook recommended my anon account to all of my high school friends, college friends, work colleagues, etc.. Before I knew it, all of my friends were upset I did not add them on my new account!

I love the way you dicotomised facebook and steemit.

steemit.com little else to write such articles

You described perfectly some reasons because I prefer Steemit and never would share private information on Censorbook...cough...I mean Facebook of course. xD