Why Bitcoin Is Not Reaching It's All Time High Price ? Why Crypto Market Is Falling ?

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Hello Friends, I would like to write this blog at this moment to share some interesting facts about bitcoin and the reason why crypto market is falling and why bitcoin is not reaching it's all time high price .


We can see Massive Pump in crypto market it can be a FAKE Out .

A fake out means Whales/Big Players pump up the coin to a certain level and thereafter it looks like an actual breakout and we normal day traders see the charts and when we see a breakout we tend to go LONG on that particular coin, then what happens those Whales/Big Guys start dumping again so that you can lose money and they earn from your hard earned BTC .

Interesting Fact about Bitcoin

On average #BITCOIN adds a zero every 2 years ...

2009 - $0
2011 - $10
2013 - $100
2015 - $1000
2017 - $10000
2019 - $100000
2021 - $1000000

#LONGTERM is a win win situation .

Disclaimer : This blog is for awareness about cryptocurrency . It might give you profit or loss all the information given here is for education and entertainment purpose so make sure you use this info at your own risk .

Bhoumik Pandey


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According to me, Bitcoin went up to $50000 in last 2019. By approximately $30000 this year.

In 2015 the price never reached $1000. It had happened in 2013. Your interesting fact is not what you think it is... :)

BTC didn't add any zero in 2015, neither in 2016 but added two zeroes in 2017, first when it breached $1000 mark again after 2013 and $10000 mark in 4Q of 2017.

Patience young grasshopper :)0 100k is coming soon

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One million is wild expectation. You may not see that much rise

@steemero If institutional investors get in crypto field than bitcoin will go to moon !


Longterm will surely be good for cryptos as all are going to participate in the market!

I believe this is best time to get in and ride the bull

Yes long term investment is the best decision

@a123araf Yes it will recover in few months

@onlinemoneygurug Dear friend are you really think that the bitcoin is going to high day by dayand can it break the level of 2017 this year?

Amazing research brother. Nicely analysed good work keep it up.
Can I have your contact details?? Like email or Whatsapp??

@cryptoturdz Good to see you liked the blog ! Stay tuned :)

I still think that 50k is possible this year. Bitcoin had a weak Q1 and Q2 last year too. But Q3 and Q4 have been really good.

Love that disclaimer! Lol
Thanks for the info.
Crypto world is reflective of the real world.

Hey sir mujhe kuchh guide karo steem per kaise success hote hai under 15 days hua hai mujhe

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Words of wisdom only way to play this game is long term it seems!

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Wow almost 30 bots...haha. Thank you. I hope all of the coins go to the moon. Is it worth it to invest in bots when steem is down?

Depends how long you hold the rewards, neh?

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2023: 10,000,000
2025: 100,000,000
2027: 1,000,000,000
2029: 10,000,000,000
2031: 100,000,000,000

This is getting very silly very fast.
I think it's time to accept that bitcoin does not grow because of weird math patterns. Bitcoin has grown because of speculation about its potential uses. That peaked at 20k, and it's been in freefall ever since, and now we are waiting to see where fundamentals can bring the true price.

Most likely scenario, new coins that no one one heard of or which don't exist yet are going to take off in the next round, and maybe BTC itself will not.


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