How to Make Money with instagram + steem using this new dapp in 2019

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You're already posting content on instagram, youtube or twitter, take advantage of this POWERFUL dapp share2steem and EARN !

Get Guaranteed Daily Upvote from S2S and 1st steem dapp unique double curation upvotes.

How it works ?

Your content posted on social media are autopost onto steem blockchain when you want it by using # share2steem tag.

Well i m already posting on steemit, What's the benefits ?

  1. It help you save TIME ! It's so easy to share, just use share2steem tag and it will auto post your content to your linked steemit account.

  2. It help you turn your instagram content into money !!! Let's be honest all of us want to get upvotes=steem=money, you get Guaranteed daily upvotes from :
    a) share2steem account (45.1k SP and growing, upvote worth $0.97 | last update : 12 Jan 2019)
    b) other share2steem users who activate unique double curation (1632 users and growing | last update : 12 Jan 2019)
    c) bonus upvote from my account by using my referral link - share2steem

  3. NO MORE long waiting time to create steem account !
    Create steem account FREE direct on s2s. Easily help your families, friends setup and they can start EARNING right from the first post compare to youtube, instagram, twitter. Show them the possibilities and it's almost no additional effort after the initial setup. Anyway they will still be using those social media and tags, why not earn passively too.

  4. Offer affiliate program - 4% referral bonus

One of my recent s2s post post reward hit $1.05 but on average is should be somewhere around $0.50

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.07.10 am.png

Here's the statistic,
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.59.23 pm.png

The first post within 24hr timeframe will received upvotes from

  1. Share2steem account
  2. Users whom activated the trail curation
  3. Users whom activated the pool curation


wendy goh | Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.51.28 am.png

adonisabril s2s |Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.44.27 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 1.42.18 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 10.23.46 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 12.52.04 pm.png

stackin and others on s2s | Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.14.41 am.png

Take action now and see the result for yourself > share2steem

Post your first post via share2steem within the next 3 days and get :

Bonus #1

up to 30% upvote from my account instead of the usual 1%

Bonus #2

Post consecutively at least once per day for 30 days via s2s and get 1 x sbi share for additional daily upvote

Bonus #3

Private message me on discord and i will send you 3 proven strategies (FREE) to get more upvotes and increase your daily earning (beginner) ! value at $7.2

If you have any questions, chat with us on Discord !

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Seems like this would be a good idea just to create a separate twitter/indtagram account and link it to Steem and just write all of your posts through the dapp inorder to get extra votes etc. thanks fir the tip!

nice go do it

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There's an App that basically let you be an affiliate of yourself.
You just take a pic' of your outfit and the system identify the brands and let you follower buy those products online, take a look at their blog.

Can I post on steem with tag share2steem then will I get eligible for upvote. Please confirm if there are any additional rules to follow. Thanks

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You must use the Share2Steem DApp at

  1. Connect your STEEM account with the DApp
  2. Connect your Instagram or Twitter account at the Social Media part of the site by following instructions there.
  3. Post from your Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #share2steem. It will be posted to STEEM and you get many upvotes.

Use my referral link here and get started.

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u wont like it when other ppl do this to u right

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It's like give and take. Peace ☮️, Love 💓 and Harmony 🎵.

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You mean if I link twitter then all my tweets will appear in steemit page. Is it?

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Only tweets using hashtag #share2steem. If you don't use the hashtag in your tweet then it's not on Steemit page.

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So if I use multiple hashtags then?

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If one of the hashtag is #share2steem then the tweet will be posted on your Steemit page.

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I did. Check my account.

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Yes, you got it right.

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awesome taking action. if u have other qns go in s2s discord there's tutorials and faq there

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This actually looks very nice and helpful. Need to take a look in detail later.

but on any site if u r a freelancer or a blogger for a beginners it is very difficult to earn money .u r article is very nice but you write some thing for new comers which help them.

yeah its hard to even earn the first cent on those. with this it's much easier

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Great advice! Thanks

I didn't realize share2steem was now setting up accounts as well..