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Long time I was thinking to get a new, pro-crypto type T-shirt.
I think the wait time is over. I have to get myself into my own hands (finally), and...


This is what I would like to wear this summer:

I have no doubt this is impossible to buy it anywhere (ready), even without my nickname below.
But hopefully I can find someone who can make this for me.

Thanks for reading (and ...resteeming)



Great idea to introduce crypto to the world. :)

If you like this - please reblog (resteem) this. Let more people in the world do this.
Publicity & mass adoption is #1 thing needed by BTC, STEEM an all other CRYPTOS.


Yeah, thumbs up. You won't find a ready-made one but just type in custom t-shirts in Google and there will be many who does it for a reasonable price. I like the B's in Bank and Better, says it all.

Amazing custom Design and username will follow the world soon.

Haha that is perfect!
I dunno how it is in your country, but I am sure you can find online shops that will do it. You could probably chose the color of the t-shirt too.
Good luck :)

How is your curd diet coming up? :p

Diet? Not that easy. Have relaxed a bit while in weekend time.
Will start strong again from the next Monday ( the usual promise :) )

Haaa Sounds like my diet :D

There are shops in which you can send in your own design and get them printed in a few days. In my country it's like 15€ for one.

I have some copy centers who can do personalised t shirts in my country!

Thinking to make a steemit t-shirt :D

wow its wonderfull idea and u look very smart in this shirt @onealfa sir

This shirt says true! haha :)

If you like this - please reblog (resteem) this. Let more people in the world do this.
Publicity & mass adoption is #1 thing needed by BTC, STEEM an all other CRYPTOS.


I like your post but this copy paste response doesn't add much value to the comments. Good luck with the t-shirt. Where did you see that design?

I grabbed that somwhere on the web long ago. I sited on my hard drive several years, long before the steemit was invented.
Your critics accepted. I must be doing that a bit to much. I promise to get better.

Upvoted your comment since it's great to see you not act defensive but rather try to be better. That's what we're all about on Steemit!

No worries, I do the same but usually try to provide as much value as possible when doing so.

I reckon making t-shirts with good designs/slogans could be great business in the crypto space. Good luck!

Better the same answer for all than no answer :)
Keep in Peace bro

Great post
You are doing Great
Keep building

Lol my bank is better than yours. Nice and funny. Bitcoin vs Dollar. haha :-)

haha great! I'd love to have a t-shirt like that aswell!

I dig that shirt! What if we are both with crypto? Then who has the better bank? :P

Then - the one who got BIP38 encrypted paper wallet. Yes , it can be DRAW as well.

Hahaha :P Good one! Nice post man.

We should engage in each others content more often. Talk soon :)

Great shirt mate, I hope i can get one similar to give to all my "crypto" friends ! It's an original way to show bitcoin to world ! Thanks for sharing.


Amazing custom Design :)

really, indeed that makes the sounds like freedom with the crypto. So that we are not regulated by any government , but they have to accept us our orders. Lol. nice thought @onealfa, should definitely have give a try for this

I have a friend can do it but I think it will be costly for you in addition you will have to pay the shipping fees

Really nice one.. I think i will fix myself one too

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