Bitcoin price maintains support floor - Analysis - 09-01-2018

in #bitcoin6 years ago

The pair attempted to breach the 14409.00 level but managed to hold above it to resume its positive attempts and reach the pivotal resistance at 15413.00 to signal the continuation of the overall bullish trend, awaiting the breach of the mentioned level followed by the most important resistance at 16416.00 to confirm the extension of the upside wave in the short and medium term.

Therefore, we will continue to bias the bullish trend over the coming period, noting that breaking the 14409.00 level will stop the expected rally and put the price under negative pressure whose targets start testing 13167.00 before determining the next destination more clearly.

The trading range for today is among the key support at 14000.00 and resistance at 17658.00

The general trend for today is bullish

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