Bitcoin Analysis | 4 June 2020 Night | Ranging $9694 to 9844

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Bitcoin is slightly Up today as it's trying to recover 2Jun Losses,
Bitcoin is up today 1.74% on Thursday 4 Jun.

Bitcoin has moved to a new range which is between 9694 as support and 9844 as resistance.

Currently, it's still ranging between those levels as we are still bullish in our prediction as we don't see the price above 9240, which already that happens.

Bitcoin is still holding strong at this moment and waiting for its next move.

Our Oscillator indicator shows Buy signal as well as Moving Averages has a Strong Buy signal, we will remain bullish at this moment until we see a move that breaks the levels that we have mentioned above.

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This is not a financial advice, you are responsible for your own trades. We do provide technical analysis for the current market situation and it's a prediction for the currency price, we might have the wrong assumptions in some cases.

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Can someone explain me what happened to Steemit?
On the front page i can only see some asian stuff lol, no real articles anymore
What happened?

So what happens is the Steemit community has operated a Hard Fork for the network. Copied all accounts and balances to Hive platform, as 1 Steem = 1 Hive
Currently, you can use both platforms with the same login username and password.
Why they do that, It's a long story, I suggest you read these articles:


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Thanks! Wasn't sure if it was going to break down to the $8200 levels before clawing back up

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