Bitcoin Analysis | 4 June 2020 Morning | Trading in Range

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Bitcoin Has shown small relatively correction from its dump in 2Jun Evening, and trading currently around 9640.

As long As BTC is trading above 9240 on 4 June and 9370 on 6Jun, which is the Support trend line we will stay bullish on Bitcoin.



Now Checking the hourly chart for the day, we will see that Bitcoin is trading in a range from 9468 to 9694, As long as it breaks this resistance level it will become support and obtain another range.

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This is not a financial advice, you are responsible for your own trades. We do provide technical analysis for the current market situation and it's a prediction for the currency price, we might have the wrong assumptions in some cases.

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Thanks, this is very useful information. Hopefully we'll start to see more participants in the market, that will definitely help it.

thnx for such a useful info

You're most welcome.

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Thanks for sharing

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