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nothing to wow...

and to write back home.
5000 by Sept 1 ? Easy.
Just as much as droping dwn to <2000. This is cryptos, kids.
Someone told me yesterday BTC can drop as low as $1. I said - NO WAY !!!!
even the odds to see <900 are lower then to see >10000 . I mean before year 2020.

For 2025? My bet would be $100+K.

This is cryptos !

Forget what you have learned about markets.

Crypto Market is just not here yet.


Crazy crazy .... rising fast


$4300 .....

No way. It'll go below 3000 by the end of August. Not saying it'll stay there but yeah. I can't see bitcoin hitting 5000 in 2017. Just my opinion :)


Over $4,000 now