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About menapay:

optional installments touch to installment techniques that ar applied as associate degree alternative as compared to customary installments. most non-obligatory installment methods quote the near financial system or are made particularly for electronic enterprise and installment frameworks ar via and enormous upheld and worked by means that of neighborhood banks. every non-obligatory installment technique has associate degree exciting software package and manner settlement, accent and coins guide and state of affairs to neighborhood tenets and controls.

A rate card in the other case known as a credit card or check card could be a plastic card that provides a standard elective installment strategy for money once making an acquisition. A worth card could be a plastic card that offers a preference to cash while creating buys during which the supporter associate degreed card holder pass into an data that the duty received at intervals the charging file are going to be forked over the required worth vary and on the maturity date.

MenaPay is that the favored sq. based installment passage that's completely strengthened within the Mideast and continent. EdenPay replaces ancient installment methods with digital cash completely bolstered through blockchain. challenge MenaPay is building electronic internet sites and programs thus one will allow incorporation of crypto installment answers for one-of-a-kind sites and backings Arabic on the dashboard.

New installments like Bitcoin and totally different virtual forex arrangements have upset U.S. as a result of they will be costly and include expansive and inappropriate trade charges on your on a daily basis installment wishes, as associate degree instance, looking primary needs, shopping for taxis and totally different administrations offered for each day. EdenPay expects to exchange the prevailing state of affairs through transportation a hundred percent non-financial establishment Moslem automatic arrangements, create use of blockchain to form a solitary cash to be utilized in on a daily basis and pass-outskirt exchanges, https:/

We create new measures within the crypto enterprise for democratic returns, on the far side general impetuses for patrons and financial specialists.

P2P exchanges

  • P2M Peer to service supplier payment

  • service supplier M2F to basis

  • inexperienced Mining

MenaPay Problem

the main problem is within the standard payment device that involves too several intermediaries. the purchasers and merchants have to be compelled to bear the bank method among the standard technique of fee wherever each thus typically charging value is best and it takes quite an few time to complete the value procedure. As in line with the, center East and continent space, they are not the employment of traditional banking tools because of having poor banking machine and that they have in addition wreck into the a handful of currencies. different bother is whereby cryptocurrencies can not be employed in day by day lifestyles transactions because of their value fluctuations.

MenaPay Solution

MenaPay can connect purchasers like a shot to the traders with the helpful resource of the blockchain. traders are capable of integrate MenaPay and payment entry on their platform. most traders won't take delivery of crypto as charge on their platform attributable to coins-out troubles and worth fluctuations. As a result, the developers came up with MenaCash. This coin is sponsored one hundred percent with the help of the us dollar. it's miles going to be used as currency for transactions on the MenaPay platform. on this platform, each MenaCash coin is well price one dollar.

To do away with the problems of volatility, MenaCash is battery-powered with the help of a private blockchain. this may check that that transactions ar quicker than the prevailing charge gateways like debit and credit cards. The platform can initial of all lean payments in thirty principal enactment currencies. customers may be capable of purchase tokens by exploitation creating bank transfers, pay on the door, or credit score cards.

Payment Processing

traditional worth Processing:

Issuing establishment
charge entryway
credit score Card association
charge processor
obtaining establishment
service supplier


400 Million MenaPay Tokens could also be generated and sixty fourth of the coins can belong to the community.

Tokens To issue: 400M Mpay
Tokens on the market: 256M Mpay
anticipated ICO charge: $zero,a hundred sixty 5
target soft Cap: $5M
goal arduous Cap: $25M
Token fashionable: ERC-20
Unsold tokens could also be burned

Token Matrix:


general offer - 4M MENA

fee - $ zero.165 USD

gentle Cap - $ 5M USD

difficult Cap - $ 25M USD

Token ICO Details

The platform can distribute seventy fifth of all revenue from dealings fee to holders of the MenaPay tokens.

Token Ticker: Mpay

total deliver: four hundred,000,000 Mpay

Token kind: ERC-20

Tokens on the market: 256,000,000 Mpay

ICO Token price: 1Mpay = $0,one hundred sixty 5

tender Cap: $5M

hard Cap: $25M

All unsold tokens is also burned


Sep ‘18

Grand unleash of the desktop and mobile fee App

Nov ‘18

Public Token Sale (ICO)

Jan ‘19

50 premium traders Onboarded

Apr ‘19

Face name for secure Transactions

may ‘19

attaining 5 Million MenaPay users

Jun ‘19

achieving 1B USD market Cap

Dec ‘19

AI battery-powered P2P disposition


MenaPay could be a modern model of the standard value structures that is blockchain-based all and completely sponsored up cryptocurrency to produce a snug and obvious charge channel that allowing transactions for every place of standard lifestyles.

More information contact :

Website :

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