Do Bitcoin - Invest into the one thing that does not cost money

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Like many, I spend most of my time browsing on the internet, reading about memes and keeping my redpills going.

This is not very effective and does not add value to anyone. Not you, not me.
This is why I decide to do something more productive with my time:

Learn about Bitcoin by doing

How to do that? Whenever I read something about bitcoin / blockchain / cryptocurrency (and find the time to sit down and share my thoughts), I'll post them here.

If you are like most people in this space, we run behind the news of the next "pump", which coin will "moon" etc. From experience I can say - don't play the trading to become rich game unless you can do it full time and know what you are doing.

What can you do to be active in Bitcoin if you are not a coder?

Actually, a lot:


I will be doing this - independent of the fact that I might or not buy or sell any cryptocurrencies

(Seriously, if you do, don't be public about it!)

I'm not starting out at zero, I already lurk around this sphere for a good half a year. With this in mind, this is my number one source of information I recommend and trust:

The dude is a genius in bringing across this complex stuff while being human and entertaining to watch at the same time. Can't praise him enough to be honest.

Go ahead and subscribe to him and start watching and learning. I'll do the same.

Actually, this is what I will do:

Watch a video
Make my notes
Turn it into a post
Link to the video for comparison

Learn by doing means understand by teaching

There is a saying you know that you have understood something if you can teach it to others. Yeah, I'm sure that was how the saying went...

Anyways, I'll just do my thing here. Come along for the ride or not :)

Follow up Post

I share my thoughts about a very good video on the topic here