Bali and Bitcoin - Island of the Gods' Money

in bitcoin •  last year

Bali is a paradisiacal island in Indonesia - it's the only purely Hindu region in the whole of the Indonesia. Despite it's small size Bali feels huge - each area is it's own world with it's own scene. Canggu and Uluwatu belong to the surfers. Seminyak is where one goes for a more exclusive commercial experience, Sanur is a kite surfing paradise, Ubud is for all things body and spirit, and the whole North Coast is a free diver's dream.

Despite the wildly different jungle and beach landscapes, the disparate social groups, and the wide variety of nationalities that inhabit Bali, there is a previously undiscussed unification happening. It started with the Balinese people themselves with their culture of tolerance bordering on anarchy and has evolved day by day into something incredible - Bitcoin, the money of sovereign men, neo-kings, and anarcho-gods has begun to unify the island and raise it to the heavens. Bitcoin ATMs, bitcoin-based co-working spaces, and every-day business that accept Bitcoin are cropping up on a daily basis. Villas are bought and sold in Bitcoin, lattes are crafted in exchange for bitcoin, and workshops abound teaching everyone from the most humble farmer to the most outlandish digital nomad the arts of obtaining, exchanging, and using Bitcoin.

Over the last 3 years things have really changed - what was once considered a strange tech fashion has become an island-wide phenomenon. Everyone is scrambling to get Bitcoin, use bitcoin, and learn more about it. It makes sense - many people who come to Bali want to stay for a long time - Bali is a kind of anarchist dream after all. Renting a villa for a year can be done with cash and a handshake, taking an entire software-development company to live and work together for 30 days is as easy as clicking "book now", and journeying into an ayahuasca ceremony is just a conversation away. While these things have all be the way Bali works for decades, what has changed is how it's done.

Bitcoin has paved the way for a new level of freedom in an already wonderfully free place. Bitcoin's low transaction fees make handling workation and retreat payments a breeze - the days of losing $3,000 to PayPal are almost a memory. The ease of transferring Bitcoin has increased the potency of Bali deal-making culture. And the anonymity of bitcoin in Indonesia has opened up a corner of the free market to products and services like never before.

So whether you want to surf the waves of paradise, dive into the realms of parallel consciousness, create your own retreat business, or simply grab a cup of locally grown organic coffee; bitcoin is there making the Island of the Gods a true paradise.

If you'd like to learn more about Bitcoin in Bali then please contact us at

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