How to mine BITCOIN

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If you want to mine bitcoin you might find yourself quickly frustrated with trying to find equipment or any information related to how to get yourself started. For me it was trying to get decent equipment and trying to do all the math to figure out if I would even be able to make a profit.


I quickly found out that my Dad who originally bought the equipment bought the older models that were basically obsolete unless you were paying only a few cents per Kilowatt in electricity. So really all the money in buying these Antminers were for nothing and wasted with no way in recouping any money with mining the bitcoin. By the time the mining equipment is available it seems the difficulty rises on the bitcoin network making the hash power less powerful.
So unless you have the ability to obtain the best newest equipment right as it is released and have a cheap electricity cost then I think you are wasting your time. Its cheaper and more profitable to invest in Cryptocurrency. So you may find yourself in a very frustrating situation with alot of basically worthless equipment on your hand wondering if there is any way to recycle these things. This may very well lead to disappointment in what is otherwise a extremely exciting technology.


When I first looked into cloud mining I thought that it might be a good alternative. I looked at the pricing and saw you were basically buying hash power, which meant that whatever bitcoin that was mined with that amount of hash power you would receive that share of the bitcoin. However in researching the companies I found myself again disappointed in the returns and the programs they were offering. Also I found myself without any confidence in the companies themselves as they seemed very shady. So going by my gut I didn't feel comfortable getting involved with any of these companies.


What if I told you you could mine Bitcoin in Iceland where the electricity is very cheap and you don't have to do any of the technical configurations or hassle of buying the latest equipment?
I ask you this question because its probably something you haven't thought of before. Bitcoin mining is a business and you want it to be as profitable as possible but you don't want to quit your day job. What if you could have a business running for you on the side while you work your day job? I think this is the ideal thing to do, just imagine if you had 3 businesses, when one business is slow your other one picks up and visa versa. It goes with the old saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

This is why I use the Bitclub Network. With Bitclub you actually purchase your mining hardware with them and they set it up and run it in their own facilities where the electricity is cheap. Also since they buy in bulk they obtain mining hardware much cheaper then any of us can buy it for. They also maintain their own Bitcoin Mining Pool The equipment you buy runs on this pool and if you want and have your own equipment, you can run your in-house miners on the Bitclub Pool.

As you can see in the picture their are 3 pools you can be apart of with the mining equipment that Bitclub runs for you. Look closely and you will find that each pool gives you a different amount because each pool represents different levels of investment.
When you are apart of Bitclub you are sharing apart of the company and their growth is your gain. You can actually have your equipment shipped to you as well, but of coarse you would have to pay the high electricity costs and maintenance issues that comes with it. But it is very comforting to know the option is there.
I'm happy to finally find a way to mine Bitcoin that is practical, shares with a greater community, and with a Company that has real substance. If you want to mine Bitcoin please join us.....

Sign up with my team and I will assist you if you need help:
There are also other ways to make earnings with Bitclub besides mining which is like a nice bonus.

If you are in the US you will have to hide your IP (so that it looks like you are in another country)
You can also do it for free by Downloading the OPERA browser and following these instructions:
If you are outside of the US you don't have to worry about it except its good for privacy anyway.

To purchase your Bitclub mining equipment you have to have Bitcoin to begin with to pay for it so you can get it here:
With your first $100 USD of Bitcoin purchased you also receive $10 for free in Bitcoin as a bonus.