Introducing - "The Bluffer's Guide to Cryptocurrency" - Blog Series for Beginners

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So what on Earth is going on with this buzz around cryptic cryptocurrencies, brain busting blockchain and Bitcoin?

What does that first sentence even mean?!

Well, you advanced users on Steemit might already have some idea of what it's about but for much of the global population, they are just a load of buzz words used in the media that don't really mean anything.

Therefore, I'm going to create a series of posts to help total beginners understand what Bitcoin is, what blockchain is and how it works from the very basic level. This is not going to be financial advice on which coins to invest in but to give you a foundation and some tools to do your own research.


What skills do I need to have already?

No expertise in computer science is needed (I certainly don't have any). All you need is just a little bit of patience as I will do my best to explain it to you over the coming weeks. If I can explain it to my mum - THE most techno-phobic person in the world - and she understands it, then you won't have a problem in understanding it either!

Why should I follow this series?

I am by no means an expert (I've known about the basic premise of Bitcoin for a couple of years but only recently started looking further in to it) but I've had to decipher a lot of technical information and as part of my day job, I need to convert technical language in to "plain and simple" for my colleagues. So I thought I would continue to practice as I love learning and educating people with what I learn!

I have also seen a lot of my friends saying, "Have you seen the price of crypto, it's mad how high it is, I think I might get some", without really knowing what they are getting themselves in to. There are a lot of factors at play here but people just tend to see the price of things and think "I want some of that" when mainstream media reports Bitcoin at an all-time-high.

I couldn't stand by and watch that happen any longer so I want to do my bit...(coin)! Ha :D


Sounds cool, tell me how I can keep in the loop!

Make sure you follow me over the coming weeks/months so you don't miss a post!

I also make liquid drum & bass music and host a radio show once every 2 months so will be interspersed with posts about music. Bear with me, I also have a full time job in sales (so can be up and down the UK at any given moment) so posts may be infrequent, for which I apologise!

Please leave a comment if there's something you'd like me to cover in the guide. This is by no means final but more of a fluid format that will change but I'll likely finalise in to a pdf later in the year.

What topics will be covered?

The content of the "Bluffer's Guide to Bitcoin & Blockchain" will initially look like this and each bullet point will be a separate post so as not to overload you with information:

  1. Welcome (you are here)
  2. The history and technology of Bitcoin
    2.1 How and why did Bitcoin come in to existence?
    2.2 How does Bitcoin & blockchain actually work?
  3. Buying Bitcoin
    3.1 How to be secure online with cryptocurrency?
    3.2 What are wallets?
    3.3 What are exchanges?
    3.4 Where can I buy cryptocurrency?
    3.5 How to store cryptocurrencies?
  4. Definitions of common phrases
  5. Portfolio Management
  6. Cryptocurrency News Outlets
  7. Fluctuations in price
  8. Blockchain Platforms for Musicians & Music Fans
    8.1 Atom Collector Records
    8.2 Musicoin
    8.3 Channels
    8.4 Steemit
    8.5 Sola
    8.6 Minds
  9. Concluding thoughts

Take it easy folks and catch up with you in the next one!


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... should be an excellent series - re: topic Blockchain Platforms for Musicians & Music Fans (mention platforms at ICO stage too) - this should be the most exciting topic - you have a real life example for peeps to help understand bitcoin / blockchain application.


@digitaltraffic - Thanks for the feedback! I'll put in a section about ICOs as well now that you have mentioned it.

If I can keep up to date with the music platform ICOs then I'll include it but I'm aiming at keeping this as a static guide, otherwise there will be no end to it with new projects launching every day - exciting though it is, there aren't enough hours in the day atm and the guide will become out of date, which I don't want!

Looking forward to following the series. It's gotta be better than what's on TV every night.


@kimwainwright - Haha, I don't watch TV much anymore so I don't have a reference but fingers crossed it will at least provide with some useful knowledge, even if basic :)

Great idea! Your series of posts will surely be extremely useful to a lot of people!


Thanks man! I sure hope so :) First one will be up this weekend!