... should be an excellent series - re: topic Blockchain Platforms for Musicians & Music Fans (mention platforms at ICO stage too) - this should be the most exciting topic - you have a real life example for peeps to help understand bitcoin / blockchain application.

@digitaltraffic - Thanks for the feedback! I'll put in a section about ICOs as well now that you have mentioned it.

If I can keep up to date with the music platform ICOs then I'll include it but I'm aiming at keeping this as a static guide, otherwise there will be no end to it with new projects launching every day - exciting though it is, there aren't enough hours in the day atm and the guide will become out of date, which I don't want!

Looking forward to following the series. It's gotta be better than what's on TV every night.

@kimwainwright - Haha, I don't watch TV much anymore so I don't have a reference but fingers crossed it will at least provide with some useful knowledge, even if basic :)

Great idea! Your series of posts will surely be extremely useful to a lot of people!

Thanks man! I sure hope so :) First one will be up this weekend!