keep them coming!! nice work, Nicky!

Thanks a lot man! Trying to piece together the next blog and reading the positive feedback is motivating me to get it done. I did intend for this weekend just gone but music making gets in the way sometimes :P

Great Work! I love how you use analogy to clarify your explanations! The level of vulgarization you provide is great for beginners and intermediate level users as well. Thank you for investing your time and efforts into this! The more people understand what the blockchain is, the more its popularity and usage will spread!

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"The world is a coffin, we are dead alive..."

Thank you @taphophilia! Yes always love telling a story to help explain things better and that intermediate users are finding it useful too :)

I agree with you completely about more people needing to understand this incredible game changing technology. I think it's trying to get people to care enough to do something about it.

It starts here :)

Went in heavy this time @samprock! Hope people find these useful for future :)

Hi, great post, worth a follow.

Thanks a lot @cryptoissweet! I'm glad you found it useful :)

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