LitcoinBTC Traded Pair Example Profit From Shorting LTC

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Hi Steemians

Here we see a nice set up to obtain trading alert to your email when it is time to sell and buy on the traded pair LTCBTC on say Bitmex with leverage.

016130 approx was the sell signal that you would have got on your email or phone alert and you would now be in profit
quite a bit as the price has dropped to 015207, even more if you if you had x5, x25 ... leverage in Bitmex.

You buy a contract on Bitmex not and you deposit bitcoin to start trading, you can start with $20 if you wish.

There is a great calculator on Bitmex top left of the screen that you can use to get the exact profit you will make before you trade.

Don't forget when the price drops to what you want ( or the buy signal is made to your email) you then buy back the contracts and the profit goes in your Bitmex wallet.

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