Bitcoin Crashes In 2 Days For $850 Profit!

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Here we see the bitcoin chart with a sell signal on the pivot reversal strategy and if you had followed this free signal service you can get on trading view you would have made $850.

You could have shorted bitcoin at $7600 then bought bitcoin now at aprox $6750.

See the 7250 volume node sticking out?

Below this 7250 the price crashed as there are very few buyers in the market seen by the low volume price action (pink color).

There is pressure for prices to fall further we see the top down pressure, from the purple color and the high volume nodes where prices have happened recently, huge purple volume node sticking out at $7600.

The bottom graph showing red and green is the market sentiment and it shows bright red at the time of me posting this and the market is very bearish at present.

That can change quickly just keep an eye on the sentiment graph on trading view.

Be cautious with your bitcoin trading and always use a stop loss.


Bullish Bearish Candles Cheat Sheet.JPG

Above we see bullish / bearish candles that are great for helping you trade.


Above we see the pivot reversal checklist source:bitcointradingchallenge

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