Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin Good Profit Shorting Bitcoin Cash - Short At .013668196 Price Goes Down To .012400000

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Hi Steemians

If you had shorted Bitcoin Cash May 27th then just 2 days later May 29th you would be in good profit.

.013668196 if you had sold BCC and shorted it May 27th then you would be in great profit as the price goes down to .012400000 on 29th May just 2 days later.

even more if you if you had x5, x25 ... leverage in Bitmex.

You buy a contract on Bitmex and you deposit bitcoin to start trading, you can start with $20 if you wish.

There is a great calculator on Bitmex top left of the screen that you can use to get the exact profit you will make before you trade.

Don't forget when the price drops to what you want ( or the buy signal is made to your email) you then buy back the contracts and the profit goes in your Bitmex wallet.

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