Why Bitcoin is one of the worst crypto to have your money in, my strategy to X10-X100 your crypto in the next 12-18 months

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Bitcoin is King and doesn't look like leaving the thrown too soon. It's a trusted store of value you can depend on but this safe haven and security people rely on in Bitcoin is what makes it a poor investment when your taking RIO over a short time frame compared to some Altcoins

For example Bitcoin could at the most 2X it's value buy Christmas or double in price that's been well documented.

Why it's poor ROI is when you put it up to other coins which will 5X, 10X, 20X even 100X your investment.

Play the video I explain what I mean and this is the reason why I moved out of a fair but of Bitcoin and put it into emerging cryptos with far better RIO over a short period of time.

Again this is what I have done, it is not financial advice so as I said in the video repeatedly, do your own research into which crypto's have the potential to multiply you money faster yet still are safe investments.

Thanks for reading

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Agree, eth and bitcoin are a waste of time. better to buy some crypto ;)


Yes, bitcoins your stable store of value, upcoming promising Crypto will give you far better RIO over in 12-18mths.

Hi Ng 100% up vote from me!