People Ask me What's One way to Make 1 BTC a Day online? I give you 2 proven scenarios !!

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People ask me what one way to make 1 BTC a day online?

Here is my answer watch the video

Obv there are a lot of factors involved I outline in the video above but if you compare apples with apples, Mining with your own machines you purchased is waaaaayyyy more profitable in terms of ROI

Scenarios mentioned in the video

Bitcoin Contract with Genesis
Genesis mining - 1 BTC
3500 TH/s
Cost $400K -$450K to make 1 BTC per day

DASH x11
Own equipment
$1599 + PSU $101 + shipping - $1800
RIO 9 days
18 X D3 machines output 270 GH/s
Cost $30,600 - 1 BTC to make 1 BTC per day

I am doing 50/50 Rewards \ please follow and upvote I will do the same .

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The power costs would be really high so you would need probably double that to cover electricity to make 1 bitcoin a day. Anyways nice post!

Thanks @nggavin. This is great info. I had no idea that mining was so profitable.


yep it is if you pick the right mining machine and have decent to cheap pwr

Hey ng gavin I want one of that how may I contact u

Great info Ng, as you know I am in GM, how long do you think it would take to learn how to set up my own mining operation? What would be the minimum amount of GPU's (I think that's what I need) that one should start with?

Great post as usual mate !