How To Get Antminer D3 (Making You $150-$200 Per Day) Before They Sell Out !!

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All the rave right now is the new Antimer D3 that mines Dash at a stupid 15GH/s they are selling like Hotcakes

If you don't know what this amazing mining machine can do then your not in the know and it costing you hundreds if not thousands per day

Antimer D3 is the new beast by Bitmain. RIO is approx 7 day but difficulty is going up and up as people are discovering these machines.

You snooze You lose

but lose thousands per day, this is not a exaggeration. I am dead serious.

Problem is they are highly sort after and last 2 batches sold out in 10 mins or less.

Press Play

If you lucky to get 1 machine then good for you, I'll probably grab 10 more who knows, I'll see if I can get them.

The big day is tomorrow

Good Luck

P.s If you see this post after the 10th August you just missed out, sorry next batch, more difficulty, more waiting

I am doing 50/50 Rewards \ please follow and upvote I will do the same .

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I want their next generation tech! 45GH/s


got specs?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I pick up three Antminer D3 for £5,500 last weekend delivery September.
Two site i didn't use but still has them in stock!

Fast or you're last!
You're so on to it Ng!


haha I like that

nice one

BITMAINtech BITMAIN tweeted @ 08 Aug 2017 - 10:26 UTC

Our new #Antminer D3 batch will be crypto only, only BTC and LTC payments will be accepted for this batch…

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