New to steemit/About myself

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Hello Steemit users,

I am brand new to Steemit, I think this is a fantastic idea, not only the coin but the social media aspect. I hope that all fellow steemit users like me will profit, and thrive as the first users.

I had first heard of this website through a couple of guys from work, I didn’t think much of it until they started to gain some profit and knowledge from articles. I have high hopes for this site seeing the prices of bitcoin and other crypto currencies, since this is also a form of this currency. I mainly see two coins worth investing in as soon as possible. Ethereum because of it's amazing growth and steem backed by a social media platform which has huge potential.

I will be posting a wide range of arrivals from current events that are going on with the police, from the supercross Results each week.

If you liked this, and want to see more or just want to comment your option on the topics I post about feel free to and hit the follow button.

Now I’m going to tell a little bit about myself so you all know what I do and where I come from. I am currently twenty-two years old and I work at an antifreeze factory full time and I am a reserve police officer part time on my days off. I’m your average outdoor person that likes to hunt, fish or just be outside in general. My main hobby would definitely have to be dirtbike riding. Thanks for your time!! Stay tuned for the next post.


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