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Yes! Absolutely agree with this... when anyone says that got Hacked... when some influential people or Govt says Bitcoin is scam prices keep dropping and then again it gets high!
To be true Rumors makes this industry insane.
Thanks for sharing!

Please don't squeeze the Bcash..


agreed! funny
thanks again for offering your support to my new steemit journey


followed you months back

upvoted and resteemed

ur posts are always awesome

I see Bitcoin as digital gold and Litecoin as digital silver (which is what it was designed for). Do you think Litecoin is better for small transactions then Bitcoin Cash?


I prefer litecoin because its just not as dirty as bcash pushers but in the long run bitcoin will be better so HODL 👍🏼😁

i went through your other posts too, u have great sense of sarcasm
hats off
followed , upvoted

Espero que no caiga esta economía, al menos un tiempo jeje :p.

I'm worried about litecoin... I haven't invested on bcash :P
Rumors about cryptocurrency are really alarming these days...


Just keep calm and hodl.

Bcash The stinky blockchain. lol

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