Get Free WCX Tokens worth $10 And Convert Them To Bitcoin

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Wcex , a new global currency exchange is offering 50 WCX tokens to all users who just register an email and confirm it. Those WCX tokens are going to go for sale each $0.10. that means they effectively have a $5 giveaway to everyone who signs up! Later you can convert these WCX token for crypto currencies.

In order to convert this "free giveaway" of tokens into something more tangible, such as bitcoin or dollars, one has to own this token until the crowdsale ends, which will take a while. But for those willing to sit on their tokens. They will get paid quite handsomely for 5 to 10 minutes worth of work.

Register here -

You can hold your tokens as well. As a holder of WCX tokens, you're entitled to a portion of WCX's revenue.

20% of all revenue generated by WCX is automatically paid out to token holders, in amounts based of each holder's share of the total amount of token.

Note : ** You have to confirm your email address to get free tokens.
** The ICO will begin in October but you can register right now.
** Confirm your account by clicking on a link that you will get in your email address after registration to get free WCXT.

Register here -