This Month F1 Delta Time First Time Trial Gameplay

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This month players of F1 Delta Time will have their first Time Trial sessions on one racing circuit per day. The first two daily tries for the time trial are free to play, after which players need to pay ethereum for additional sessions. All daily scores together will make up a accumulated score for the weekly leaderboard.

Each circuit applies a multiplayer to the sum of each category. Depending on whether the track has a focus on grip, luck, speed or acceleration, there will be a multiplier on a certain stat. The way a car performs on a track, isn't limited to this one statistic, but to the entire set of stats for cars, drivers and the track itself.

Every race day the weather can change. This adds an extra layer of variation as players need the right set of tires for the best performances. Those who perform the best in the weekly leaderboards will earn rewards, which vary over time from ETH to REV or car parts.

Sounds like passive gameplay

Animoca Brands remains a bit vague on the gameplay for F1 Delta Time. There's no screenshot of actual gameplay, and it's still a bit unclear who will control the vehicles. Will gameplay be passive and based on statistics, or will players be able to steer their cars over the tracks themselves? No idea. However, considering the focus on statistics, we'd almost expect the game to feature passive gameplay.

Crate sales just ended

Gamers and investors have been able to buy crates which contained a couple of car parts, and perhaps a vehicle or driver. An epic version of Lewis Hamilton sold for 0.8 ETH, and is now back on the market for 1.75 ETH. Many traders are flipping virtual goods in an effort to make money.

Gamers and investors have spend 816 dollars on average on the F1 Delta Time crate sale. Overall Animoca Brands brought in 364.270 dollars.

What is F1 Delta Time?

In F1 Delta Time players can collect virtual cars, drivers and car parts. Players can sell or trade these with other gamers. This element of digital collecting is already live.

Competitive racing will be a core element of F1 Delta Time. Each car has characteristics unique to the vehicle. Acceleration, grip, top speed, and luck are the elements that will influence the car’s performance. Whether gameplay will happen from a first person perspective, third person perspective or bird’s view has not yet been revealed.

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