Running Multiple Miners

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If you are inclined to invest more hardware and resources into mining bitcoins, is is possible to connect multiple miners together on a network. To do this, you'll need some basic network equipment like a router and a computer to run bitcoind (the bitcoin daemon). You'll need to setup a user and password so the miners can all talk to the running instance of bitcoind. When a block is found by one of your miners, your bitcoind will contain the wallet with the key that signs the block and claims the block reward and fees.

Running multiple miners has power and heat implications that you'll want to consider. A high-end mining computer can use as much power as a toaster, iron or vacuum cleaner so if a circuit breaker trips you'll want to re-evaluate how your power is distributed on your wiring.

In regards to generated heat, this may be a nice byproduct on a cold winter night but on a hot day you'll want to have a way to remove heat from your space.


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