Don't think in USD, think % of 21M coins

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Bitcoin is a scarce digital asset. It can be compared to other scare commodities like gold or even real estate. In the case of the latter, instead of square feet, think about intangible space in a global decentralized immutable ledger.

The amount of Bitcoin you own determines how many entries you can have in this ledger. Each entry requires a fee paid to the miners, therefore, there is a finite number of entries.

This all is a long way of saying, Bitcoin is a long-term investment. In the United States, the Homestead Acts of 1862 gave away 270 million acres of public land, nearly 10% of the continental US, at no cost. Now imagine the value of this land at today's cost.

The day to day fluctuations of Bitcoin's price is child's play. The true value of Bitcoin will unveil itself, but only in due time. Do not let volatility influence your willingness to forge a new path.

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