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 Bitcoin crosses reach all time highest price by crossing 17000 USD with this December biggest month of 2017 for cryptocurrency world and many top prediction turning out to be true as more than 5 cryptocurrency hiked their prices with 1000% growth rate now there are some rumors about Bitcoin prices there are some bubble created from cryptocurrency to attract investor as we know number of investor increases then price of coin per rate will automatically increases but because of bitcoin passed all time high which result many investor staying away from investing and another reason fluctuation with btc price is between 14K $ to 17$ which showing changes per hour by 50$ and per day changes by nearly 1K$ and ethereum also showing 55% growth from last month after being stable for two month and then IOTA entered coin who doing well from last month with nearly 1006% growth ratio.

January 2018 -  22,000 USD
February 2018 -  24,500 USD
March 2018 -  28,560 USD
 April 2018 -  31,243 USD
 May 2018  -  34,734 USD
June 2018 -  36,864 USD
July 2018 -  37,863 USD
August 2018 -  39,556 USD
September 2018 -  41,002 USD
 October 2018 -  42,320 USD
November 2018 -  43,890 USD
December 2018 -  45, 550 USD 


2018 -  232000 USD
2019 -  3,364,000 USD
2020 -  48,778,000 USD
2025 -  116,890,000 USD
2050 -  468,173,950 USD 


 2050 will turn imagination to reality world in which all currency and transaction will take new avatar with there is no physical currency available to use only people can makes transaction by only online payment in that cryptocurrency will pay important role to transfer from one currency into other currency as on that year bitcoin will be become official currency of world just like USD for US, Euro for European country in those year there will be fluctuation or per day changes in price of bitcoin just like stock Market price recently chances in day-wise manner so investing money between 2025 to 2050 will not be profitable its works like currency price changes different for each country.

Note: Above price just prediction which may fail to reach as many prices set according to cryptocurrency expert from different country and if you have any suggestion related prices then enter below with year.

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