Casascius Physical Bitcoins Part 1 (2011 Coins)

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Casascius is widely acknowledged as having jump-started the physical crypto-currency phenomenon.


The digital currency enthusiast Mike Caldwell, whose nickname is “Casascius,” created and announced the first printed coins on September 6th of 2011, these coins were the first funded physical Bitcoins ever produced with denomination of 1 BTC made of Brass with a diameter of 28.5 mm, thickness of 1.5 mm and, weighed of 6.8 g. Underneath this sticker, lies a piece of paper containing a private key which can be used to acquire the bitcoins contained within the coin’s address.

Casascius coins improved holograms with Eight-digit "firstbits" inkjetted onto surface and a greater range of coins and even bars were released with Private key of 22 character string inside the coin, the 256-bit private key is SHA256(string). Early adopters bought large denomination products in multiples, including 1,000 BTC gold coins and later on produced smaller denominations of 0.5 BTC and 0.1 BTC. When redeemed, the item loses its digital worth.

Casascius coins were originally made available in multiple increments of BTC stored on the minted piece. Taking inspiration from Casascius, there have been numerous other small mints producing physical bitcoins as well as alt-coins. Due to FinCEN requests, he stopped most sales in 2013.

You can find these online on sites like eBay, Amazon and, from individual owners on forums such as

Counterfeiting Incident


To date, there has only been one known case of a fake coin being listed for sale; a ‘convincing’ 25 BTC coin was listed on eBay by new user ‘tradus 1980’ in February 2014. Two months prior, a photo showing a sheet of hologram stickers mimicking Casascius’ series 1 1 BTC 2011 coins came to light, with each sticker having a unique code.

Casascius Physical Bitcoin - Series 1 1 BTC 2011 ‘Error


September 6th of 2011 on bitcointalk forums these coins were first posted for sell, these coins are the first funded physical brass Bitcoins. Their significance as the first coin of their type, but also due to the added perception of rarity due to a spelling error (Casascius is spelled as ‘CASACIUS’) in the small hologram text makes them highly rare and desired coins.

Year Loaded --- Total

2011 ------------ 4,160
2012 ------------ 1,578
2013 ------------ 371

Casascius Physical Bitcoin- Series 1 1 BTC 2011 ‘Double Error’


There is an ultra-rare type in which the firstbits are not in the middle, but printed 33 mm higher than normal this is significantly higher on the hologram. Only five of these exist. This is the rarest 2011 Casascius coin.

Casascius Physical Bitcoin Series 1 1 BTC 2011 ‘Demo Coin’


These are the first experiment coins and used to test holograms to reveal the honeycomb pattern left behind, without ever being funded.

Casascius Physical Bitcoin Series 2 1 BTC 2011


This new version utilizes a hologram with a small window to prove the presence of the first-bits and private key inside, making it impossible to rub the first-bits off and fraudulently print a new public key onto the hologram. It is worth taking note that these coins are in fact much more rare then the Series 1 1 BTC ‘Error Coin

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I have had the privalage to see one of these first hand and the beauty of it. Wish I had a 100k USD to buy one.———- SuperiorCoin to the moon.


What would you do with it if you had one?

The thing I love about (physical) coins is the statement they make about the era in which they were minted. They say so much about history - I've learned things I'd never have imagined researching without first wanting to understand what a coin was telling me.


Yes i always love coin collections when i discovered these i was very impressed with the idea and designs.


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Holy! I didn't even know this was a thing...

...such beauty, such shiny, much wealth :p

Would love to get my hands on one of these... maybe I'll craft a STEEM version.


I have know doubt you could sell out easy!


I'll buy one :)

Hire me to operate as designer of the piece of hardware in by which this coin is inserted and read by its reciever and uses the composition as in fact the universal first stage retro/rocket, launching its hidden arms to go forth, seek with knowledge , and put that cgoin in motion,- not to anyone but everwhere, to digatily , under your discretion and request, any amount in molecular acuracy can be sent and the. Reciept the coins weight has been altered and recorded and respun and vonnected to your computer to boost its speed and mining capabilities to seek out to repair or replace itts molecular structurre, on its on for the user in command.


James if you could build that for me we would be a lot more then just rich! lol


Alright i got it but i need you to code it, its going to be AI but i believe i have the equation to run the new blockchain hardfork that will replace the internet


Im putting together a puzzle but dont have all the pieces yet, im working on it bud


Tell me why tho, i have had inspired ideas and have drawn pictures of things in moments of inspiration that i had no reference for until i saw your posts? Because when i saw these coins, i got back in my notebook and the similarities are uncanny. I drew these coins in operation, similar designs and then some more things i still am not sure of.. I dont want to sound crazy but this may be a case of the future altering the past(present)

Pretty Coins!

Theese coins are charming

Damn they are so awesome! Mr. Caldwell's brilliant works. Great article though :)


Great article? Not great to me

Amazing coin. Hope I will found one. Hehe

it's a great article I hope to collect nice coins as well.

From Mesopotamian shells, to Attic coins, to Ming Dynasty paper money, and now to hologram-engraved tokens? We really are in the future, aren't we?

Phisical coin is my honest view is not as safe as electronic version of currency. Because as you mentioned fake one is also in market. I couldn't figure it out how physical coin is linked with block chain to maintain record about owner.


Yes these are mostly seen as collectable items and should be verified or purchased from a reputable seller.


We can create the coin to have and be composed of a unique personal identifiable, from the molecular level creation in which replicates and reproduces itself, being aware by us its every operation by neural connection.

I wondered whatever happened to these. Should have snapped on or two up when they first came out...


Yes you can find them on bitcointalk and ebay sometime.

These coins somehow shows their credibility their efficiency towards their values I like it

Nice post, Nice hint for someone whose planning to be crypto coin collector.
Keep up the good post


Yes is a great collectors item for the crypto enthusiast!

I remember these coins in 2011, wish I bought one -_-

Great post, very original ! Thanks for sharing this information !

So cool! keep up the good work! I know very little about physical coins, so keep these posts coming! I already know so much more than I did just from your last couple posts :)

i love Physical coins, may this Physical coin bring revolution in the world. BTC is now falling. and it falls about -11.66% from last night


It's a rollercoaster hold on for the wild ride.

An amazing asset to say the least, collectors will now be on the look out for unique physical coins.


There are many others i will be posting about i can give you some resources to find good deals on some of the physical bitcoins you can find quite a few here


I noted that sales are (and should be) via Escrow since dealing with an asset this is the safest manner of transacting.

Those interested parties.... Open an Escrow account where the buyer and seller are protected.


Yes there are trusted 3rd parties and many deals are being done in person as the value of the coins has sky rocketed!

Helpful post. Many things i learning in this post.
It's really help us. Thanks for sharing this kind of good post...

There so amazing
I always read about a physical coin but couldn't find a proper pic anywhere


Will be posting lots more pictures soon!

Awesome, im going to get one very soon.

Almost every thing can be faked these days ,
Its a world of frauds. :(

Nice article @nathansenn


Yes no doubt should try to get them verified before buying and make sure to buy from a reliable seller.

Wow great thanks for sharing sir helpful post


Your welcome more to come!

Man you are awesome! i wish i had one of those crypto coins you have... as a collector honestly i am really really really jealous of you...

The room where the Internet was born is preserved at UCLA. My tax classes are at night, and I haven't been able to visit the room so far.

I bring this up because I want to say that the chills that I feel when I see photos of the Internet room are the same chills that I feel when I see these early coins. We got to be here for the beginning of Bitcoin.

I am reminded of an earlier life when some of us were huddled in the cave, and Grog walked in holding a stick. On the end of the stick was a flame, and we were like, "Grog, WTF!"

As Grog held the stick closer, and we began to get warm, I recall stating, "Grog, you the man!" There were many more sticks, and many more flames after that. And even though some of us died of smoke inhalation that weekend, I knew the fire thing was going to be big.


Yes what a wild ride it has been!

Coin collections are very nice


Yes it's a great way to bring the value into a physical forum!

The hottest coin


One of the hotties more come in my next post!

Really neat post I love collecting Physical coins so very interesting to me!


Are you active on bct they have a large group of collectors there and you can find great deals on coins!

This is a good idea to look cryptocurrency as a coin.

u write very well friend a lot of info.. i get thanks

I was going to buy one way back, doh!


super article

Bitcoin is great it is increasing day by day every one needs it

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That's way cool

Happy New Year on behalf of you and my family

And your coming year is better than this year, and God will give you every happiness you are trying for.

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Very informative

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I would kill for a "change".

Nice post! I follow you! =)

Cool I will buy some in the future

We never saw such coins in India, Cryptocurrency is said to be virtual or digital currency, Does these coins as shown in Pic are real and there value really exists??? or these are just demo coins, with no values???