I have had the privalage to see one of these first hand and the beauty of it. Wish I had a 100k USD to buy one.———- SuperiorCoin to the moon.

What would you do with it if you had one?

The thing I love about (physical) coins is the statement they make about the era in which they were minted. They say so much about history - I've learned things I'd never have imagined researching without first wanting to understand what a coin was telling me.


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Holy! I didn't even know this was a thing...

...such beauty, such shiny, much wealth :p

Would love to get my hands on one of these... maybe I'll craft a STEEM version.

I have know doubt you could sell out easy!


I'll buy one :)

Hire me to operate as designer of the piece of hardware in by which this coin is inserted and read by its reciever and uses the composition as in fact the universal first stage retro/rocket, launching its hidden arms to go forth, seek with knowledge , and put that cgoin in motion,- not to anyone but everwhere, to digatily , under your discretion and request, any amount in molecular acuracy can be sent and the. Reciept the coins weight has been altered and recorded and respun and vonnected to your computer to boost its speed and mining capabilities to seek out to repair or replace itts molecular structurre, on its on for the user in command.

Alright i got it but i need you to code it, its going to be AI but i believe i have the equation to run the new blockchain hardfork that will replace the internet

Im putting together a puzzle but dont have all the pieces yet, im working on it bud

Tell me why tho, i have had inspired ideas and have drawn pictures of things in moments of inspiration that i had no reference for until i saw your posts? Because when i saw these coins, i got back in my notebook and the similarities are uncanny. I drew these coins in operation, similar designs and then some more things i still am not sure of.. I dont want to sound crazy but this may be a case of the future altering the past(present)

Pretty Coins!

Theese coins are charming


Damn they are so awesome! Mr. Caldwell's brilliant works. Great article though :)


Great article? Not great to me

Amazing coin. Hope I will found one. Hehe

it's a great article I hope to collect nice coins as well.

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