Time To Prepare For The Long Haul

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Quick Post Today:


This is a follow up to my last post: And Bitcoin is Volatile Again (plus my speculation)


So, guess it was not a good idea to just race to call the recent drops as a simple market fluctuation that will correct (even though I partially did that in my previous post).


It looks like Bitcoin is geared towards a bunch of bear runs. For how long and how much I really don't know, but I doubt this will be over in the near future. At the moment Bitcoin's glass floor is probably 2k, though with Bitcoin glass seems to shatter easily. I cannot say that I am feeling good about this - at least not in the short term anyway.


Good luck out there.


As always though: trade responsibly, don’t invest more then you can lose, and don’t hold me responsible since I’m wrong sometimes too.


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Can I ask you the ground Bitcoin's glass floor is probably 2k?

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Are you asking why I think Bitcoin's glass floor is 2k? If so, just because it's a psychological number that (on a macro level) people will probably stop selling and start buying. Nothing special, it's just that a lot people of people see 2k as a milestone that may make them reconsider their positions if it passes.

Also, keep in mind I could be wrong.

Thank you. I got it.

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